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Your income comes from patient care, not paperwork. Dentegra gets that – so we're building an insurance company that works as smart as you do, and helps you build your practice.

Why wait for paper-and-pencil payment in a linked-in world? Dentegra insurance is smart, green, and fast — to keep you productive and accelerate your career.

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Disabled dentistry

Dental care for disabled patients

Volunteer your talents for needy, disabled, elderly or medically-compromised patients.

Patient care for an aging population
Practical steps for providing senior dental care.
Certifiably green
Get recognition for your efforts to help the environment.
Building and moving your practice
Learn how one self–starter dentist successfully rebuilt a practice from the ground up.

On topic

Q. How can I get a practice management system that works with the most insurance carriers?
A. First, make sure your system supports your current office workflow, helps you replace paper records and... more
Q. I'd like to volunteer my services at a local nonprofit – how can I pick the right one?
A. Start by getting referrals from organizations you know – local public health service centers... more
Q. I'm considering buying a practice - what should I look for?
A. Look at its value today and its potential over the next 10 years. A great–looking physical facility and financial history is... more

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